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The following requirements are needed: high degree of transparency on client´s part, close work relationship with the team in the specific country and exclusively with the responsible management for sales, marketing, engineering and production. Regular reporting of all steps is carried out promptly to the client, the CEO, MD or owner.

The remuneration is clear as we collaborate - if necessary - with our trusted managers in the construction industry, and then collect external data with the consent of the client. We cooperate with technicians and sales staff in the countries who have long-term management experience as we have. The fee is calculated from the time spent on a specific part of a project and varies accordingly.

Our approach is a flexible one without delays which are due to long analysis. We prefer to collect concrete data, information and opinions of those who have been operating in the market for years. Thus, intermediate results can be delivered in a short time after the project start, trends can be made visible which occasionally lead to the correction of previous strategies and recommendations and may need to be analyzed more seriously.

And beyond that our focus is to have:

The right "instinct"!

We are entrepreneurs who consult their "gut feelings" when concluding the business case before presentation and/or recommendation. This only succeeds if a sufficient experienced background is given. We always reserve the right to practice this.

Branch office:
M CONSULT VIENNA, Austria with the countries: Balkans, Hungary, Eastern Europe, including Russia

The Vienna Managing Director is an established manager in the construction sector for more than 30 years. Our corporate language is german and english. We have a well-established distribution network, access to universities and official authorities.

And we assure you the following: After each recommendation, market analysis and presentation of results we are available for the implementation of those suggested actions.

Trust is the basic commitment, which we can assure you of. Trust us!

We look forward to a pleasurable time with you.