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I draw on more than 20 years of working experience as owner of M-Consult within the construction industry. I have been actively working in different positions as Managing Director as well as the Board. After studying business administration, my first professional experience was at the former BASF subsidiary Kali + Salz AG, which has its world headquarters in Kassel, Germany.

Having worked in product management and the marketing of salt products for 7 years, I successfully managed these business areas. After two years of active participation in an industrial marketing and advertising company, I changed to the construction industry at LAFARGE Gypsum, a subsidiary of the Lafarge Group Paris. After one year I relocated to Vienna, where I was responsible as Managing Director for the marketing of gypsum plasterboard and gypsum wallboard in France and Austria. Together with a colleague of the JV of Lafarge and Rhone Poulenc I was responsible for sales in the domestic market and in the bordering countries of the Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and the Balkans.

In a short period of time we reached the double-digit market share in these countries. Eventually, I changed my location to Warsaw, the capital of Poland which at that time was one of the Eastern European countries with the best growth prospects. I stayed there for 4 years and during this time I succeeded in developing the business at Lafarge to become the market leader through a systematic development of the organization and through external acquisitions.

After that I was offered a new opportunity, so I moved to Brussels to take up the position as CEO of Owens Corning glass wool activities for all of Europe. When this assignment ended, I returned to Germany and took over as Managing Director at Lafarge/Kerneos Aluminate and became a majority shareholder. My geographical responsibility, in addition to Germany, included the Scandinavian branch office in Stockholm, the polish branch office in Warsaw, the Russian branch office in St. Petersburg as well as the following Eastern European and foreign countries: Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, the Gulf States, Iran, Israel and India with a branch office in Kolkata. In the Paris Headquarters, I was a member of the Executive Board there. Additionally, I was responsible for a worldwide product line specifically designed for the implementation in the steel industry to which I managed a global organization of sales and technical staff. In review of my professional career I have collaborated very closely with all types of enterprises, whether they were large, medium or small sized companies, within the construction industry all over the world.

My network of efficiency in these countries (with its dealers and/or agents) has enabled me to cooperate more rapidly and in time with well-known specialist managers for specific project tasks.

Michael Mania
Managing Director