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Technically speaking, our experiences and contacts are based on well-established and context sensitive countries across the globe: Scandinavia - Eastern Europe - Russia - India - United States and China.

Our personal strengths are: corporate business, process and project management, resource and procurement evaluation and market analysis, the ability to realize a certain market position, to identify the demand for "on-site evaluation" as well as to develop a strategy for "Next Steps". Furthermore, we can give recommendations once we have recognized the synergies, based on the excellent current personal contacts within the construction industry. The method of operation is as follows: research/evaluation of the current situation, investigation of the "on-site situation" with the employees, simultaneously, developing a market analysis based on macroeconomic data externally and insider know-how internally.

This specifically allows each market study to provide suggestions and recommendations (which are usually based on a 5-year business plan).

These proposals include:

This includes an assessment of the existing product range and pricing versus competitors and technical advice, if necessary.

All this with a clear CAPEX - defined parameter and a given time horizon. This enables us to identify the current market position of a company quickly and give recommendations in intermediate steps.